Production and distribution of Concertine and Organetto Abruzzese musical instruments in the Italian and International markets.

We maintain the artisan tradition of the Concertina
making every single musical instrument entirely by hand.

About Us

In the Marche region, precisely in Recanati, in the small village near Castelfidardo (the home of the accordion) and Loreto, handmade Concertinas are still produced as they were many years ago. All the production and marketing of the concertinas has been entrusted exclusively to Concertine Italia srls, which runs the "Artisan Laboratory" for the production of Diatonic and Chromatic Concertinas. Our company is therefore the only authorised producer of STAGI and BASTARI branded Concertinas on the Italian and International markets. All our products are certified with the following trademarks: 100% Made in ITALY Artistic Concertinas MARCHIGIAN EXCELLENCE The entire production of Concertinas is still made by hand, maintaining the ancient artisan tradition and making it the fulcrum and foundation of our activity. 

Our Products


All our Concertine are produced entirely by hand in our factory by specialized craftsmen. We use only fine raw materials and local derviation.


We produce both hard and soft Concertine cases with or without logo.


We update annually a volume for learning both the characteristics of the instrument and the basics of its use in music.

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